New showroom for Krazy Kreations in Denver, Colorado. Featured above is Heart Breaker, a custom 49 Merc roadster-pickup, built by Rick Murray and powered by R&B Performance, also of Denver. A Corvette L48 with stage 3 turbo cam, Wiend Tunnel-ram intake, Edlebrock 2 fours, forged pistons, forged crank, forged rods, gear drive, mild stall converter, 202 Chevy camelback heads and twin T4 turbo chargers. Frame is a 62 Chevy Impala boxed and reinforced and pinstriped by "Chad." Candy purple painted engine block and A-arms. Estimated 700 horsepower. View The World's Most Beautiful Buick

To Contact Rick Murray and Krazy Kreations call:
755 Vallejo Street
Denver, CO 80204