The following is the reply from Axle Idzardi to Rick Murray of Krazy Kreations in Denver, Colorado. It is in response to photographs submitted for entry into the VLV Shifters Viva Las Vegas car show. In fairness the photos showed early stages of this build.

From: AXLE <shifters32@pacbell.net>
"Sorry, your car is denied. You might of seen things like this in the past - but it is something of the past, and we are going back to being a traditional Hot Rod , Custom, and classic car show. Cars like your are a new fad and were never done in the 40's,50's, or 60's. It is the decision of the entire car club and the VLV staff. Have a nice day, Shifters So. Cal."

It is difficult to discern just exactly what this email denial notice really means. How in the world are you going to have a traditional Hot Rod, Custom and Classic car show with juvenile rules meant to exclude those very similar hotrodding enthusiasts that choose to express their passions in a way of which you disapprove? How can you allow only a few "custom cars" and not all? How can you say "Show Cars" are allowed but but no "High Tech Street Rods?" Does that mean cars from Foose, Coddington, D'agostino or Huff would be turned away? How can you say we allow "Customs" just not any "Fad Ts?" Ed "Big Daddy" Roth would slap you silly! You will allow "Built 63s and Earlier" but deny a built-by-hand 49 Merc Roadster-pickup? You allow "Rat Rods" but only a certain style? No muscle cars, what a joke. What about the 61 Ford Galaxie with a stock 390 at 375 horses? Or a 62 Chevy Impala SS with the 409. Can you say these were not "muscle cars"? Denver Towing

It is going to be very expensive to travel from many parts of the country and overseas to Las Vegas. Hotel rooms, fuel, food, tickets, booze etc. All paid by the visitors and entrants to the car show. Sure this is a Rockabilly show but the car show is an integral part of the whole event. Music, Ink, pompadours, pinup girls and all the rest are a big drawing point but the car show sets the stage for everything, otherwise it would just be a big concert with semi-naked show girls, a scene quite rare in Las Vegas. ( Recording Studio Karate Kids seo )

At some point it should be ascertained whether or not those who make the rules about hot rods or customs from the 40s or 50s should actually have lived in the 40s or 50s. It's time someone told Axle Idzardi, his little ten member Shifters car club and the VLV staff  to just "shut up." None of you are qualified to decide what cars are eligible for entry. Let the people judge for themselves. Oh, and by the way Axle, wipe off your lipstick and have a nice day.

Follow-op --- Having made the arduous road trip to Las Vegas from Denver (more than 23 hours due to snow, cold and all around bad weather, Rick took "Heart Breaker" to Rat City Rukus at the Hard Rock Hotel. Here is additional Television Heart Breaker coverage from RatRodTV.com (search "uploads" for "Video Justice")

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