A new season of Car Warriors on Speed TV began February 24th 2012 behind the NASCAR Truck Race, with the actual season show starter beginning February 29th 2012. The featured combatants on the 29th were United Hot Rods from Downey, California and Krazy Kreations of Denver, Colorado. The noticeable "in-show" sponsors were Hankook Tires, Classic Industries and House of Kolor paints. In addition, the start of the Car Warriors program presents Jimmy Shine, (the show's star) claiming "numerous personal speed records" and the manager of 'SO-CAL' "southern California's largest speed shop". The reason we mention the sponsors is to help identify those who may be in a position to offer editorial advice as to the show's decisions, content and visual appeal.

The season 2 concept seems more interesting to fans and car building enthusiasts than last year which showed a hand picked group of "All-stars" going up against individual shop "challengers". This is a competition to build a car from 'junk' in a very short time window, with this years time limit of just 48 hours. Add to the shorter time constraints the removal of the so-called "All-stars," replaced by different shops from across the country in a "heads-up" battle of skill, performance and speed, and it seems a much better television format. Of course, almost all "reality shows" require conflict either between team members or business competitors. Some of the best evidence of this requirement can be found on "American Chopper". The show has proven the complete disfunctionality of the Tuttle family, it has also made them quite rich. You will have to ask them if it was a good trade.

Last years' 3 judge panel which included one the world's finest and most famous customizers, George Barris, has been replaced by only Jimmy Shine ("my decision is final"). In a telephone interview with Joji Barris, daughter of George Barris, there was no definitive explanation as to why George was not invited again as a judge. An interesting, but perhaps boring, portion of last years show high-lighted the judge's critical comments of various portions of the "builds". One who judges, is (A. One who makes estimates as to worth, quality, or fitness.) The competing teams are judged on four categories: Interior - Exterior - Aesthetics - Performance with no discernable value given for any category. This is where we begin our 'rant' about Car Warriors.

In an attempt to provide an un-biased evaluation of the February 29th, 2012 episode we offer the following: Recognizing the subjective nature of judging in this example, it appears that safety is completely ignored (of course Jimmy Shine had a driving helmet on and was wearing a seat belt) and actually providing a "running" car is not important. By not being able to 'test-drive' you would think would that would generate a rather extensive penalty. C'mon, this is a car building show and you can't drive it?

It seems as if the other team could have retained the original motor and just painted the outside with a crayon and still won the competition by virtue of having a running car!

We wonder what message "cutting the springs" sends to all those back-yard car-builders, both old and young? In addition trying to fix the problem with those screw-in "spring spreaders"  would be laughable if not so dangerous, but the appearance given is the "expert" "assigned to assist" must have signed-off on this "fix". Your are saying an 'actual' car builder thought this was OK? We understand its the "best you can do in 48 hours" but where are the 'ethics' of competition? Or of judging?

We asked Steve Davies (Chief Car Inspector) of the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) about eligibility to compete for any type of record. "You would not be allowed to even test with that type of safety violation", said 'Kiwi Steve'. There is no doubt Jimmy Shine is well aware of all the safety requirements of the Southern California Timing Association as (SCTA) are the ones who certified his speed records.

The start of Car Warriors has Jimmy Shine remarking about 'performance and style'.

If you can't drive it, performance certainly has nothing to do with it. Shine loses all credibility about performance by selecting a car that can't be driven.

At the 'end of the day' one team fell short of completing carpeting and gauges for the interior and one team failed to produce a car that could be driven. One can only hope the 'drama' necessary to sell these shows is created by decisions like this. We hope the apparent implied approval by the show producers and advertisers does not lead to mistakes by some youngsters who don't know any better. Real car builders do know better. Jimmy Shine's credibility is on the line here. We hope he was only taking orders, because the truth is, we really like Jimmy Shine, but George wouldn't have missed this call.



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